Undo function not like EDP

Loupé creation has been influenced by EDP+, but is different in many ways.
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Undo function not like EDP

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First let me say that I love the loupe in many ways. Great sound quality, and the games and assignable functions are great.

I find 2 functions to be unfortunately significantly different from the EDP in ways the impact the way in which I use loopers.

1. On the EDP, you can leave a loop in OVERDUB mode and hitting UNDO will erase anything laid down on the last pass through the loop length, even if multiple passes through the loop have occurred since hitting OVERDUB. Hitting UNDO again will erase the second to last pass through the loop, and so on.

On the Loupe, if you leave the loop in OVERDUB, hitting UNDO erases all layers laid down since you pressed overdub (unless of course you are in OVERDUB for more than 43 seconds, in which case you cannot undo anything!!!). I do not understand this decision at all. This makes undo useless for getting rid of mistakes played on your loop. So basically, In order to use UNDO this way, one would have to hit OD, play a layer, hit OD again to save it, hit OD again to start a new layer, hit Od again to save it, ad infinitum. This is no way to “flow” in a musical way!

Please, I hope this can be fixed in an OS update!

2. On the EDP, there is a feedback knob on the rack unit, and an expression pedal can be used to control that knob’s function. That knob or pedal controls both feedback while in overdub and fade out of the loop when just in playback.

On the Loupe, when using an expression pedal to control feedback, unless I am missing something, it only works while in OVERDUB mode. When the loop is just playing back, the expression pedal has no effect on the loop decay. One needs to bend over and use the DECAY knob to make the loop fade out. So basically, one cannot use the expression pedal to make a loop fade out while continuing to play guitar that one does NOT want in the loop.

Sadly, these 2 functions are crucial to my particular use of a looper. I was expecting the loupe to be based on the EDP architecture based on the advertising, but in at least these two critical ways it is not. I’m hoping these issues can be addressed in an OS update.

Once again, The loupe has many things in its favor and will help people create lots of good music. For my particular style though, these to issues are a bit of a deal breaker.
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