Expanded DRIFT with random walk

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Expanded DRIFT with random walk

Post by rechner7 »

V1.0.5 installed

The Drift ReadFX can lead to very stunning results. However, it could be improved further with a random walk option, which includes a probability parameter for direction (forwards or backwards) and mobility (walk or hold). With the direction parameter the B option in the current implementation could be dropped. I think that expanding the drift feature would be in line with the spirit of the Loupé.

driftspd = 2,4,... (speed, could be renamed, same as the former parameter drift, but no need for the B prefix)

driftdir = F/10 B/0, F/9 B/1, ..., F/0 B/10, RND
F/10 B/0 means 100% forwards, 0% backwards,
F/5 B/5 means 50% forwards, 50% backwards ,
RND, no sequential forward or backward movement, arbitrary choice (with uniform distribution) of played segment in the active loop

driftmob = 0,...,10 (mobility, denotes the probability that a drift occurs)
10 means drift occurs on each step
5 means drift occurs with a chance of 50%
0 means no drifts, i.e. repeat the fragment
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Re: Expanded DRIFT with random walk

Post by smithnae »

I am all for adding randomness to things - this seems well thought out
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